Caprivi Yangu Kisura - Kizzy -

Kizzy was our first Ridgeback and her name in Swahili means 'gorgeously beautiful lady'... and that is exactly what she is.  When she looks at you with her lovely dark brown eyes, you can feel how much of an old soul she is.  Kizzy is very affectionate and she lives for doggy treats and human contact.  At nearly 12 years old, Kizzy is  also super sprightly, but Mum often worries that Kizzy's joints will get sore from jumping on and off the sofa all the time to follow her around the house!  Luckily Mum studied to be a Canine Myofunctional Therapist so Kizzy gets lots of massages to keep her limbs flexible.  Kizzy is still the boss and always gets to sleep on the special pillow next to Mum.  During winter, she likes to keep warm by snuggling under the doona and she barks at her 4 legged friends if they take up too much space!  Kizzy is, and always will be, the heart and soul of the Jazafira household.
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